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hotel booking rates,rooms,accommodation in Hatton - Sri lanka .

Step Into The World Of Tientsin And Step Back In Time. Named After The Chinese Village From Whi

Experience The Unspoiled Beauty Of The Surrounding Valleys And Hills By Trekking And Cycling Ar

To Book/reserve Please Contact:name: Jafeeryemail:tel: 0717192063

Rs. 2,500 to Rs.5,000 Per Day

* 10 Double Bed Rooms. * Day Visit To Nature, Adventure & Cultural Places. * Rive

To Book/reserve Please Contact:name: Prathapemail:tel: 0779876575

Rs. 2,500 to Rs.7,500 Per Day

To Book/reserve Please Contact:name: Manageremail:tel: 0774170464 / 0512244566

Rs. 2,500 to Rs.8,000 Per Day

Our Hotel Is 3km Distance From Hatton Citythis Is Sarounded By Mountains And Tea Estate38 Km To

Rs. 2,500 to Rs.4,500 Per Day

The Building Which Was Initially Builds In 1927 By Colombo Commercial Company,london Which Was

Rs. 2,500 to Rs.35,100 Per Day

It Is An Ideal Spot For A Family Or Individual To Unwind And Relax, Rooms: Above 4 Sleeps:

To Book/reserve Please Contact:name: S.nishanthanemail:tel: 0770516667

Rs. 2,500 to Rs.3,500 Per Day

Viewroomsdiningto Book/reserve Please Contact:name: 10047email:tel: Http://www.lankaland.lk/my_

Rooms: above 4

Location: Watawala Type: Bungalow Rooms: Above 4 Sleeps: 25

To Book/reserve Please Contact:name: Ranasinghaemail: sajithh

Rs. 2,500 to Rs.7,500 Per Day

It Is An Ideal Spot For A Family Or Individual To Unwind And Relax, Enjoying The Peace And

To Book/reserve Please Contact:name: Srilankaemail:tel: 0512252221

Rs. 10,000 Per Day

To Book/reserve Please Contact:name: Janakaemail: ajanthag

Rs. 2,000 to Rs.7,500 Per Day

High Above The Lake At The Edge Of A Tea Plantation, Summerville Stands Sentinel. This Four-roo

Easy To Traval Adams Peakto Book/reserve Please Contact:name: Laa Adams Pvt Ltdemail:tel: 05122

Rs. 4,000 to Rs.9,000 Per Day

With Friendly Service. Natural Environment With Cool Climet. On The Way To Sri Pada. Enjoy Your


At 3500 Feet Above The Sea Level. Built In 2004 Rozella Eco Lodge Is Centered In High Grown Tea

To Book/reserve Please Contact:name: Francisemail:tel: 0777391332

Rs. 2,500 to Rs.7,500 Per Day

Standard Triplestandard Familyto Book/reserve Please Contact:name: M.sudarshiniemail:tel: 07777

Rs. 3,500 to Rs.12,000 Per Day