Grapes Villa Hotel

Grapes Villa Hotel
GrapesVilla has six rooms with double-beds, 2 twin-rooms. Television in all rooms; air-conditioner; free WiFi internet, free parking, self-catering

Hotel ID - 10821
Price: 3500-5000
Rooms: 2 twin-rooms 3 double
Sleep: 10
City hotel list: Kadawatha
Location hotel list: Kadawatha
Grapes Villa has six guest rooms styled with elegant double-beds, including king-size beds. There are twin-rooms with 2 double beds. So families with one or two children may especially benefit from our lower-cost economical services. 100% of the rooms are equipped with flat-screen television sets; most of the rooms are air-conditioned. The hotel Grapes Villa offers a wide range of facilities, including free WiFi internet in the room or in the public area, free parking, 24 hours security with CCTV cameras, self-service laundry and self-catering facilities, a garden, verandahs and classy balconies.

Our rates: Non-air-conditioned rooms (with double-beds or twin-rooms) - Rs.3500;
air-conditioned rooms - Rs. 4500. The local-type breakfast is included in the price; some additions are paid.

When travelling either for business or pleasure, stay at a lower rate in an exciting beautifully-designed small hotel resembling a villa. Enjoy our warm hospitality, breakfast, a gorgeous garden and pleasant view.

The hotel Grapes Villa is located in Kadawatha, a large town near Colombo, in the vicinity of the Colombo-Kandy main road and the Highway Entrance. Due to recent expressway developments in Sri Lanka, Kadawatha is one of the major expressway interchanges, which connects the southern coastline, the Bandaranaike International Airport and proposed Kandy expressway. The Transport Board and private luxury fast economical buses with TV sets run on the Southern Expressway hourly. Now many beaches and other popular destinations of Sri Lanka are easily accessible.

To get to the Grapes Villa hotel from the airport, take a bus or a taxi and go along the Airport-Colombo Expressway, then turn to Kadawatha. Grapes Villa Hotel is 1 km from the Highway Entrance in Kadawatha.

From Colombo, if you go along Kandy Road to Kadawatha, turn to Ganemulla Road, then turn to School Lane, then to the 4th Lane. Or use the new expressway passage from New Kelani Bridge at Peliyagoda to Kadawatha.
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Address :No. 172/36, 4th Lane, School Lane, Ganemulla Rd
TP :0112922406
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Grapes Villa Hotel
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