Kudakalliya - Sayura

You hear the waves crashing, the call of the peacock and you wake up and sit up in bed and a breathtaking setting greets you…

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a fabulous sun rise over the azure Indian Ocean, the scrub jungle by the famous Crocodile Rock and estuary, an eagle flying overhead…you take some time to realise that you are not dreaming of paradise, but actually experiencing it!

Kudakalliya is the ideal beach getaway. It’s away from the main Arugam Bay stretch and quite deserted so that you can go for long strolls along its golden beaches and on occasion bump into no one sparring a couple of local fisherman.

Arugam Bay’s main surf points are just a walk or Tuk Tuk ride away. For those wanting a bit more excitement the main Ulla Bay famous for its Full Moon Parties is just a 5 minute drive away!

Kudakalliya is ideally located, within close proximity to Wildlife Sanctuaries such as Lahugala National Park, and Yala East National Park and Kumana Bird Sanctuary.

It gets better still…this area is surrounded by some fantastic Archeological sites…and being off the beaten track means you can cherish the beauty of ancient monuments dating back as far as 2 AD in absolute isolation…

This two story beach abode commands fabulous views of the Indian Ocean, and the estuary with scrub jungle and rock outcrops as its backdrop. Our mantra is beauty and comfort, with priority given to protecting our natural surrounds. The bungalow is built in as eco friendly manner as possible, with drift wood floors upstairs, walls painted in termite mud and polished cement floors downstairs. Water is drawn from our well, and we use solar panels to supplement the electricity from the mains.

We have two rooms on the upper floor (one with an attached bathroom), and four single beds on the upper deck…bamboo tats can be rolled down to cover the sides during the rains, though at most times keep them rolled up and let the sea breeze greet you! The second bedroom and those on the sleeping deck share a separate WC, and a separate open-to- sky shower area.

The main bungalow has a large balcony that’s perfect to sun bathe in absolute privacy during
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