Agri Holiday Resort

Agri holiday resort
A novel concept for the 1st time in Sri Lanka. Situated in a 1380 acre,

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City hotel list: Arugambay
Location hotel list: Arugambay
agriculture farm where the city dweller can experience the serenity and can educate himself on agriculture, beauty of the place and enjoy the surroundings. Seven air-conditioned Cabanas (including two family apartments) are now available.

Agro Tourism CIC Seed Farm CIC Seed production Farm, the biggest in Sri Lanka, is located at Hingurakgoda in the Polonnaruwa District. Hingurakgoda is very famous for its paddy cultivation. The farm receives irrigation water from the Minneriya reservoir through a distribution channel. The total extent of the farm is 1300 acres. The majority acreage of the farm (about 750 acres), is under paddy and the highland area of the farm is utilized for the production of perennial crops and livestock. CIC Seed Farm has adopted modern agricultural techniques and enhanced mechanization while protecting our traditional knowledge as well as conventional agricultural methods.
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Address :Medirigiriya Road, Sri Lanka
TP :011- 2688200/2 Erosh 027 2247233 Sanjeewa 077 3585196
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Agri holiday resort
Agri holiday resort
Agri holiday resort
Agri holiday resort
Agri holiday resort
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