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The Mudhouse - Anamaduwa

The Mudhouse - Anamaduwa
Welcome to the mudhouse in Anamaduwa, Sri Lanka.

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Nestled in sixty acres of forest in the ancient rural heartlands of Sri Lanka, lies The Mudhouse - a private and seductive retreat, far away from the beaten track.

Flanked by lakes and blessed with abundant birdlife, wildlife and natural beauty, The Mudhouse was selected by The Guardian (UK) as one of the 100 most romantic destinations in the world.

The Mudhouse consists of a number of clusters of uniquely designed huts spread throughout our 60 acres of forest land. These huts range from a traditional village house to a tree house, all constructed with natural materials sourced locally. Throughout ‘The Mudhouse’, Traditional wattle and daub and thatched roofing techniques are complemented by our own contemporary vision and design.

Each structure is designed with comfort and relaxation in mind. Whilst all the layouts differ, the facilities are essentially the same. All our huts have outdoor showers and indoor bathrooms with sinks and western toilets, designed in a style that befits the overall aesthetic and back-to-nature theme. Our ‘extra bathroom’ is the lake adjacent to the land and is great for swimming and bathing.

All huts have dining areas and spaces which can be used for yoga and meditation. Staying at The Mudhouse, you will have a variety of structures to call your own and make your home during your stay with us.

There is no mains electricity at The Mudhouse. Lighting at night is provided by plentiful candles and lanterns. The staff hut is equipped with solar panels and has a limited supply of both ac and dc power for charging batteries of any kind.
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The Mudhouse - Anamaduwa
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