Nilaveli Beach Hotel Sri Lanka -trincomalee

Nilaveli Beach Hotel Sri Lanka -Trincomalee
Overview of Nilaveli HotelLocated on the East Coast of Sri Lanka, known the world over for its beautiful sof

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City hotel list: Trincomalee
Location hotel list: Trincomalee
Overview of Nilaveli HotelLocated on the East Coast of Sri Lanka, known the world over for its beautiful soft white sand beaches which slope gently into clear shallow seas, the vast Indian Ocean which washes on to the shores of this coastal resort holds a treasure chest of dreams just waiting to be opened.Here you could swim around the multi-hued reef protecting the island like so many layers of ribbon cake – turquoise, ochre, salmon pink, smoky grey, sandstone and cobalt blue – and revel in an underwater world of colourful translucence, feasting your eyes on shoals of jewel-hued fish darting among the surrounding coral and rocks.Here, in close proximity to the vast Indian Ocean and its many secret treasures, is the Nilaveli Beach Hotel, located 275 km. east of Colombo and a short drive away from the town of Trincomalee, renowned for its natural harbour, known to be one of the finest in the world. In 1775 a teenage midshipman named Horatio Nelson arrived in Trincomalee aboard the HMS “Seahorse”. Later, as admiral of the British Navy, he remembered it as “the finest harbour in the world” – tribute indeed from such a man.A number of shipwrecks including the aircraft carrier HMS “Hermes” which went down during World War II into 30 fathoms of water, and its sister ship the HMS “Empire” which came to its rescue only to suffer the same fate, lie submerged beneath the waters.The HMS “Hermes” was rediscovered only in the 1970s, its hulk, teeming with marine life. The HMS “Empire” has not yet been found – who knows, you just might be the one to make this momentous discovery!The Nilaveli Beach on the East Coast is “the other side of the island”, one that remains pristine, pure and very private even today – it is undoubtedly the best in Sri Lanka and one of the premier beaches in Asia.Accommodation in Nilaveli HotelAt Nilaveli Beach Hotel, the Sand Man treads delicately over the soft sands as he checks on you – then again, he has no need to worry. The sound of silence at nightfall is broken only by the soft wash of waves on the shore, and a gentle breeze as it drifts through your dreams, taking with it all the dust and cobwebs of the hectic city life left far behind.80 delightfully designed and comfortably furnished rooms are categorized as Standard Air Conditioned and Non Air Conditioned sea view rooms with fans, Deluxe Rooms and Luxury Suites. The concept is based on providing guests with plenty of space in which they could cut loose, relax both mind and body, and rejuvenate themselves in serene isolation.All rooms are with private patios offering a breathtakingly beautiful view of the sloping white sands, vast blue ocean and seemingly unending horizon which stretches out beyond.You could never appreciate the life giving sun until you see it rise in all its majestic glory on the East Coast of Sri Lanka.Wake up at dawn and sit by your wide glass window as you wait for the world to awaken and be washed by the soft gold of the sunrise. Or you could step out on to your patio and relax while you watch the sand, sea and sky emerge from the darkness of night in to the brightness of a new day.
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Nilaveli Beach Hotel Sri Lanka -Trincomalee
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