Sorowwa Resort & Spa

Sorowwa Resort & Spa
Smiling hearts, wonders of nature
Waiting to please you, come for it
Enchanting, memorable, desirable
We welcome you! To live it, feel it

Hotel ID - 9317
City hotel list: Habarana
Location hotel list: Habarana
Welcome to Sorowwa Resort & Spa built on the exact spot where Royalty of yore had their preferred pleasure garden. Welcome to an aura of complete tranquillity - a sensation possible only through a soothing combination of aqua, fauna & flora that eternally greets you. You would be amazed at the ease with which this serene nature rejuvenates your mind, body and soul. The traditions of yore, befitting then Royalty lives on, now all yours to feel. . .

In this place of sheer tranquillity, an exalted level of personalized hospitality is all yours. From the moment you arrive to be greeted by our staff with a warm smile coming straight from their heart, you will beginto feel that you
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Address :Lake Road, Habarana, Sri Lanka.
TP :Tel : +94 66 2270332 - 3
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