Where could you go to find a hidden kingdom just a little one, to call your own for a while? Where you are surrounded by untouched wilderness;

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where you can feel totally at one with Mother Nature and her incredible creations; where yesterdays traditions meet todays luxuries to make you forget all about tomorrow? To Ulagalla Resort, of course!

A pristine green paradise set deep in the heart of rural Sri Lanka, perfect for the likes of you who seek a place like no other. Would you, then, be stepping into a dream? You would indeed. Come, experience Ulagalla Resorts for real dont just take our word for it.

And whether you are looking for an eco-experience, a cultural quest, an idyllic honeymoon, a rejuvenating wellness programme, a rural adventure or a peaceful pilgrimage to the olden shrines; you can expect times like none before.

A rustic retreat in the heart of the cultural triangle, we are hidden away in the quiet village of Thirappane in the Anuradhapura district, just 20km from this historic city and the only luxury boutique property that offers such close proximity to the ancient capitals of Sri Lanka.

The little hamlet of Thirappane is on the main Dambulla Anuradhapura route (The A9) around 40km North of Dambulla. Ulagalla Resort is a further 2km inland from the turn off at Thirappane junction. The resort is approximately 175km from the Bandaranaike International airport and (...) km from the capital Colombo. Being a city of great significance in the North Central Province, Anuradhapura is easily accessible from Colombo, by road and by rail if you wish to travel by them. If you are looking for a truly luxurious mode of transport, you can also fly in to the resort via helicopter!

Once a traditional walawwa or grand ancestral home of local chieftains whose rule extended across the Northern Province itself, our property has a noble past. We have lovingly restored its glories to former splendour and now offer you a glimpse to the traditions of a bygone era.

We have extended this concept of preservation to the development of the entire property and protecting the surrounding environme
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