Ulpotha - Anuradhapura

Ulpotha - Anuradhapura
Ulpotha has been a pilgrimage site for thousands of years and remains an oasis of tranquility in the

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OverviewUlpotha has been a pilgrimage site for thousands of years and remains an oasis of tranquility in the heart of Sri Lanka. It is a beautiful private hide-away open to guests for part of the year; a place of total peace, where you can experience the warm, generous and gentle hospitality which Sri Lankans love to offer.Ulpotha is a traditional working village cradled on the one side by low mountains and a lotus ringed lake, and on the other by tiny emerald green paddy fields. Our focus, at present, is on the restoration of an ageless agricultural way of life including bio-diverse organic farming and reforestation of the land and its immediate surroundings.Guests are welcome to Ulpotha and those who come will find a natural sanctuary of exceptional beauty where the main activity is simply relaxing in its remarkable atmosphere of peace and calm. However, for those more purposeful in nature, Ayurveda therapies and Yoga classes are available.LivingAs much as it is about anything, Ulpotha is about experiencing a relaxed and contented lifestyle.Its practise is based on the appreciation and need for leisure and pleasure, whether in work or in play, and the need for adequate rest if a life is to be well lived.Traditional lifestyles provided room for all the ingredients required for a balanced existence: a personal and immediate relationship to family, community, nature and the spiritual world; an attitude that reflected work as a lifestyle rather than as labour; a valued place for play; as well as ample time to rest.Ayurveda in UlpothaUlpotha has recently introduced an exciting program of Ayurveda treatments since it possesses the ideal climate and environment for the practise of this deeply traditional art. Until recently, Ulpotha had offered non-specific and general native treatments such as steam and infused water baths. The main reason for the absence of Ayurveda in Ulpotha was that the founders wanted to wait until the rig
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