Sigiriya - Luxury Camp

Sigiriya - Luxury Camp
SIGIRIYA was designated a cultural World Heritage Site in 1982.  It is also proposed that the site shou

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SIGIRIYA was designated a cultural World Heritage Site in 1982.  It is also proposed that the site should be named the eighth wonder of the world, indicating it is in the same league as other international wonders such as the Grand Canyon and Ancient Pyramids.  Translated as ‘Lion Rock’ into English, the name of the monument indicates the way in which visitors used to begin their final ascent to the top – through the open jaws and throat (‘giriya’) of a lion (‘sinha’).  Unfortunately, the only remains of this lion figure are the gigantic paws, sculpted into the side of the rock.  The topography of the area is flat except for the massive rock outcrop of the fortress itself (which rises an incredible 600 ft up from the green scrub jungle).  The unusual rock is particularly interesting due to its flat top (nearly an acre in size), that was used in its entirety to build King Kasyapa’s fortress complex, still evident by the presence of the extensive ruins.OverviewLocated next to the Thalakotewewa reservoir, which has fabulous views of the SIGIRIYA Rock itself, our Srilankan Expedition‘Heritage Site Camp provides a unique base from which to explore the Rock itself and the surrounding area. Forget any ideas about cramped tents and sitting on the ground for mealtimes – this is camping in style!  The site is set up prior to your arrival, with everything from the kitchen sink, chairs and tables, toilets, showers and cold beer being transported in.  In the evening you can enjoy a hearty barbecue meal in a magical setting – the whole area is lit up with traditional flame torches and a roaring campfire. So sit back, relax and let our experienced staff cater to your every need.If camping is not for you, we can also arrange hotel and guest-house accommodation in Sigiriya to suit a wide range of standards and budgets.  Please Contact Us to specify your requirements.Nearby Locations – Suggestions for Ongoing ItinerariesDambulla, Matale, Habarana, Minneriya National park, Giritale, Polonnaruwa, Wasgamuwa National ParkActivitiesBird Watching, Canoeing and Kayaking, Hot Air Ballooning, Participatory/Luxury/Super Luxury Movable CampingStandard camping rates till 31st October 2008.2 DAYS AND 1 NIGHT PACKAGE
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