Elephant Corridor Luxury Boutique Hotel - Sigiriya

Elephant Corridor Luxury Boutique Hotel - Sigiriya
OverviewLeave your worldly cares behind. Breathe the spirit of wilderness. Rejuvenate yourself, surrounded b

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City hotel list: Sigiriya
Location hotel list: Sigiriya
OverviewLeave your worldly cares behind. Breathe the spirit of wilderness. Rejuvenate yourself, surrounded by thousands of acres of jungle beside a lake, against the backdrop of the breathtaking Kandalama Hills With its all-suite concept of accommodation, the " Elephant Corridor " Luxury Boutique Hotel, Sigiriya, allows you the luxury of relaxation in absolute privacy. Pamper yourself by dining on a private terrace with garden. Take a dip in your own private plunge pool. Unwind with a drink at your en-suite bar. Or, perhaps, just lie in bed and gaze across the jungle plain at the Sigiriya rock on the horizon.Follow your biological clock. Have your meals served when you are hungry, in your own preferred style, en-suite, at our specialty restaurants, or even outdoors under the trees. Surrounded by wildlife sanctuaries and the ruins of ancient cities, the " Elephant Corridor " Luxury Boutique Hotel allows you to experience the grandeur of Sri Lankas heritage, both, natural and man made, in a way that is in harmony with nature. At the same time, it offers an exclusive kind of hospitality, spoiling you with your individual requirements in star class luxury.No matter how you choose to relax, the beauty of the natural surroundings will help you. If you are in the mood, you could try the sauna or a traditional Ayurvedic massage at the Om spa. Take a hike on the nature trails. Observe wildlife. Count butterflies. It’s all there, just beyond your doorstep.But remember, the " Elephant Corridor" Luxury Boutique Hotel is a place where respect for the environment is a natural imperative, where you may discover the new meaning of "pic cit" the (Mahout’s command to the elephant to "let go"). Learn to let go, and perhaps, faced with the wilderness, find something greater than you’re self AccommodationElephant Corridors accommodation is in the form of suites that allow you to relax in complete privacy. There is a choice of 21 luxurious suites, all of which have large dining, living, sleeping areas, with uninterrupted views of the wilderness, lake and the mountains beyond. The suites have private terraces within secluded private gardens. Each suite has a plunge pool on the terrace which allows for hours of relaxation and observing the landscape beyond. All suites are well furnished with four-poster beds, couches, and recliners. Other facilities include air conditioning, TV, DVD player, sound system, cordless phone, mini-bar, mini wine cellar, an artist easel with painting materials for those who are inspired by the surroundings, binoculars, kimonos and slippers. The ensuite bathrooms have a bath tub, a multi-jet shower and a separate toilet. Deluxe suites: The deluxe suites have all of the facilities listed above.-Super Deluxe suites: The same as the deluxe suites, but more spacious and with twin vanity units in the ensuite bathrooms.-Romantic suites: Has an indoor plunge pool (instead of outdoor plunge pool) within the suite. The four poster bed has a mirror in the canopy of the bed. There are two TV sets within the suite.-Royal suites: Has a much larger outdoor plunge pool, a separate dressing room and more spacious than the above suites.-Presidential Villa: This luxurious and isolated complex is ideal for families traveling together. The Presidential Villa consists of 4 bedrooms, 2 dining and sitting rooms with an 8 seater dining table, 2 large plunge pools with a bridge connecting the rooms.
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